Greetings from the Editer in Chief of the JSAS

We would like to celebrate the 83th Congress of Japan Society of Aesthetic Surgery as well as Dr. Naoto Hirata for the President of this Congress. As every participant know that the Society’s long history always walks together with the research mind and support of past and present members. The Journal of Japan Society of Aesthetic Surgery comes along with the development of Society and still progressing toward the near and distant future. This accumulated progress is definitely relied upon the great cooperation of the distinguished members and other collaborators. This continuous cooperation made the qualified elevation of journal itself. Also we are gaining the support from the aesthetic and cosmetic related societies on the view-point of editoring the journal. It makes great effect to contribute the improvement of the journal by all means.

From the corner of journal desk, all the editors are expressing our great appreciation to the domestic and international members and foreign professional cooperation. We sincerely expect all the members’ and participants’ effort to make our Society more academic situation and extension to all the world.

Takashi Akamatsu, M. D.
Journal of Japan Society of Aesthetic Surgery
Invited Professor for the School of Medicine, Kyorin Universirty